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Current Property Investments

On the multi-coloured palette of the investment portfolio of the Group, in line with the intensification of real estate market, property investments concluded as sole or co-investor represent an increasing weight.

Guyon Villa (HUN)

We are building our newest apartment house Guyon Villa in the neighbourhood of traditional civilian villas on the hill-side of Pasarét. Villa is located at 1 Guyon Richard street consists of garden-connected, 1st floor and penthouse flats naturally equipped with elevator and garage. Every level is net 130 sqm and terrace.

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Development area beside Liszt Ferenc Airport (HUN)

A new industrial and commercial centre is being implemented at Ecser, right at the administrational border of Budapest, located adjacent with Liszt Ferenc airport run by Budapest Airport Inc. The area is bordered by M0 motorway, the airport and Ecser village. The size of the complex development area exceeds 410 hectares, from which 200 hectares have been sold. According to the regulation plan the remaining 210 hectares are under 17 lot registration numbers and zoned commercial, industrial, economic and partly residential and mixed-function.

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KÖKI East-End Inc. (HUN)

KÖKI East-End Inc. is the owner of KÖKI Shopping Mall. KÖKI Terminal is a unique intermodal investment in Hungary, next to Ferihegyi expressway, in the framework of which Kőbánya-Kispest underground and bus stations are renewed and a modern shopping mall and office centre are built in the mass-transportation junction.

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Madárhegy Villa Park (HUN)

MADÁRHEGY VILLAPARK is being built on Madárhegy –one of the most favoured part of 11th district-, at the territory bordered by Hosszúréti street, Zabfű street, Rózsaszőlő street and Keltike slope. Modern, energy-saving, state-of-the-art-looking, apartment houses with 9-11 flats each are to be built on a plot exceeding 16,000 sqm. in a landscaped environment.

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Boróka Villa (HUN)

Luxury apartments consisting two buildings at one of the most beautiful parts of 2nd district of Budapest. Garden above the city.

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