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Current Entertainment Investments

The palette of Cashline Group’s current investments is extremely colourful. It spreads from agriculture through the financial services to the most innovative sectors of the industry. Cashline participates in the formulation of the strategy of these companies, as well as, in solving occasional daily operative tasks if required.

Newsonia B.V. (NED) is a 24-hour international, (moving) image-based news agency delivering the most interesting pieces of news that happen around the world. People may buy raw content, or edited, complete reports from it. Additionally, Newsonia is an online marketplace where people can upload their videos and pictures for selling them. Moreover, Newsonia possesses an online TV broadcasting edited reports based on the website. Newsonia’s Dutch mother company, in which Cashline group possesses minority ownership stake since 2014, also established a Hungarian branch.

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World Expression Entertainment Ltd. (HUN)

The production defined as musical action fairy tale called “The Game Maker” was presented at Budapest in December 2014 with enormous success. The twelve shows were seen by more than 45,000 people last year. The aim of World Expression Entertainment Ltd. is to distribute the production, the uncial pop-show-musical in Hungary and abroad, as well as, realization of similar large-scale enterprises on different fields of the entertainment industry.

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