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Current IT Investments

The palette of Cashline Group’s current investments is extremely colourful. It spreads from agriculture through the financial services to the most innovative sectors of the industry. Cashline participates in the formulation of the strategy of these companies, as well as, in solving occasional daily operative tasks if required.

Page Woo Inc. (USA)

Page Woo Inc. is registered in the US. In 2012, Cashline Group has invested early stage seed capital acquiring minority ownership stake in Page Woo, Inc. a Delaware corporation inventing, elaborating and utilising a state-of-the-art methodology revolutionizing mobile searching and advertising.

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PipelineRX (USA)

In 2013 Cashline invested in PipelineRX, a US-registered company that mirrors and extends the exact cognitive clinical roles and responsibilities of the client hospitals onsite clinical pharmacists, 24/7, as well as, executes upon a client intimacy approach by mapping to the hospital clients exact clinical pharmacy policies and procedures. Pipeline clinically verifies the safety of each and every medication line order.

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The Idealists LLC. (USA)

The Idealists LLC is registered in the US. In 2013 Cashline Group as financial investor acquired minority ownership stake in Californian Idealists LLC, operating web-based matchmaking services amongst creative marketing specialists and potential clientele, financing the expansion plans of the company planning to extend its network.

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Robot Informatika Ltd. (HUN)

Robot Informatika Zrt. main activities include individual software-, web programming putting special emphasis on mobile application development.

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Mobilengine Ltd. (ENG)

Mobilengine is a leading mobile enterprise workflow management solution. It helps companies automate field work, making the company paperless, therefore boosting efficiency and management transparency for field worker divisions, being active outside the office such as logistics, maintenance, healthcare, construction, etc. In 2014 Cashline group acquired minority ownership in Mobilengine Ltd. a UK-registered company.

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Fiedler Capital Hungary Ltd. (HUN)

Fiedler Capital Hungary Zrt. is an incubator offering a 12-18 months tematized business development program to a carefully selected circle of tech startups in order to make them more competitive and more likely to attract and able to involve capital.

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Statzup Ltd. (HUN)

„The Fantasy Football” project is an internet-based fantasy soccer game, managed by Statzup Ltd. The game is established on statistics calculated from real performance of real sportsmen. The user, as virtual head of a sports club, manages the funds of the club, contracts new players, assembles the team as trainer, works out the tactics or even changes team members. The aim of the game is achieve the best rankings in the virtual championships.

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FullCard Ltd. (HUN)

FullCard Zrt. has been established to develop and adapt to different operating systems the same-named mobile application, as well as, to operate the real and virtual background infrastructure of the system. The app is able to scan in different loyalty cards that can be used as physical ones; the actual offers and discount coupons of shops, as well as, opening hours and other shopping information can be delivered to customers in a targeted way. Shops can acquire very exact shopping statistics via this application.

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FFR Optimum Geotermia Ltd. (HUN)

FFR Optimum Geotermia is a company dealing with the development of a standardized high-level heat-energy process control system. Its aim is to construct a comprehensive high-level energy control system, realize its software implementation, and utilization, facilitating the high-level cost-effective harmonization and optimization of the usage of different energy sources (solar energy, biomass, gas, geothermal energy, etc.).

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