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Current Energetics Investments

The palette of Cashline Group’s current investments is extremely colourful. It spreads from agriculture through the financial services to the most innovative sectors of the industry. Cashline participates in the formulation of the strategy of these companies, as well as, in solving occasional daily operative tasks if required.

PannErgy Geothermal Power Plants Ltd. (HUN)

The aim of Hungary-registered PannErgy Geothermal Power Plants Ltd. is to establish projects utilising geothermal energy to produce heat and electricity jointly with local municipalities in Hungary and in the region. Currently, there are explorations and the realisation of the utilisation infrastructure on five settlements in Hungary. Cashline Group acquired minority interest in PannErgy Geothermal Power Plants Ltd. in 2009.

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PannErgy Plc. (HUN)

Cashline group as financial investor has acquired minority ownership in PannErgy Plc that is a company listed at the Budapest Stock Exchange, included in the BUX basket, and is a premium share issuer.

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Central European Petroleum Ltd. (GER)

Central European Petroleum Ltd. was incorporated 2006 in Alberta/Canada. Its 100% subsidiary CEP Central European Petroleum GmbH was registered in 2008 in Berlin. CEP pursues exploration and production projects in Middle Europe with focus on Germany. Currently CEP explores in licensed areas in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Brandenburg possible hydrocarbon deposits and will produce these in case of success. Cashline Group as financial investor acquired minority ownership stake and option right in Central European Petroleum Ltd. in 2010.

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Pannon Drill Ltd. (HUN)

The aim of Pannon Drill Ltd. is to drill oil, gas, shale oil, shale gas and geothermal wells in Hungary, in the Carpathian-basin, as well as, in the Middle East. In order to accomplish these projects, the company possesses modern, mobile drilling equipment, as well as, a team having remarkable professional experience.

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Well Research Ltd. (HUN)

A significant portion of district heating service of Avas warren at Miskolc is provided by geothermal renewable energy. Due to the long-term sustainability of the geothermal system, the so-called reinjection wells responsible for returning the used lower-temperature water underground are vital. Well Research Ltd. is established to operate a reinjection well. The sustainable, economical and effective operation of reinjection wells is a priority, so Well Research Ltd. is active on the field of research in order to achieve the most optimal operating methodology.

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