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Current other Investments

The palette of Cashline Group’s current investments is extremely colourful. It spreads from agriculture through the financial services to the most innovative sectors of the industry. Cashline participates in the formulation of the strategy of these companies, as well as, in solving occasional daily operative tasks if required.

Ediafilt Diatomite Mining and Processing Ltd. (HUN)

Ediafilt Ltd. is registered in Hungary and operates Hungary’s only, currently cultivated diatomite appearance that is also significant on European level, is located in Erdőbénye on Tokaj Hill, concession right of which is possessed by EDIAFILT Diatomite Mining and Processing Ltd. Cashline Group acquired majority ownership in Ediafilt Ltd. in 2007.

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Kaza Concrete Ltd. (ENG)

In 2013 Cashline Group invested into Kaza Concrete a revolutionary producer of contemporary artistic wall and floor surfacing solutions. Kaza Concrete possesses UK and Hungarian registered companies.

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MT-Immo Ltd. (HUN)

The aim of MT-Immo Ltd. is to let out plots and superstructures appropriate for operating tobacco shops to companies and private individuals possessing tobacco sales concessions utilizing its accumulated tobacco sales and retail market experience. In order to achieve this the company purchases existing rental contracts, signs new ones, as well as, negotiates new agreements with further retail chains consolidating the market.

Green Tyre Ltd. (HUN)

Green Tyre Inc. is a company dealing with reutilization of used vehicle tyres. The processing plant was built in Marcali in 2010, at the construction of which the main roles were given to the maintainable development and application of 21st century’s technology. The factory’s annual processing capacity, with the expansion facilitated by the capital raise performed by the Cashline Group increased to 20,000 tons. The Environmental Supervisory Authority permitted reutilization of 20,000 tons of used tyres for Green Tyre annually that is approximately 50% of used tyres generated in Hungary in every year. In material recovery of tyres also produces 3,000 tons of steel and 3,000 tons of textile, as well.

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Aluinvent Ltd. (HUN)

Years of research resulted in the invention of a new-type, superlight and reusable aluminium foam made from different composition alloys, called ALUHAB. The developed technology provides extremely stabile metallic foams, so they can easily be molded, re-melted and reused. The aim of Aluinvent Ltd. is to provide a new, aluminium-based material produced via an environmental-friendly and energy-effective production technology to the segments of the construction, machinery and vehicle industries all over the World.

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